Author: Eric Paré

Eric Paré is a Canadian light-painter. His work has been featured on CNN, MTV, BBC, Vice, and TEDx. Most of his pictures are lit by hand in a single second with no intentional external source of light. When he is not traversing deserts or traveling by sea, he can be found in his studio in Montreal where he creates 360 degree images using 84 cameras. His most recent international projects were made in partnership with Adobe, HP, Twitter, Intel, Canon and Microsoft. He’s also behind the concept of “Tube Stories”, which consists of doing light-painting using a simple plastic tube. Thousands of people have joined this movement and formed a strong community of lighting-painting photographers.

How to Get Giant Sun Effects in Landscape and Portrait Photography

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Get inspired to experiment with subject-to-camera distances and long lenses to get the appearance of "compression", resulting in "giant...

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