BL Creator Interview – Brandi Potter

Brandi is a destination wedding photographer that travels all over for work. She's worked in some of the most beautiful spots in the country (and world).

"I never intended to be a wedding photographer or a photographer for that matter. I didn’t know that it could be a real career choice until I started doing it."

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1. Is there a single project, photo or video that thrusted you into the next level?

I had a few random popular images here and there throughout the years, but in 2018 I started to win awards. I placed in both of Junebugs best of the best contest that year (engagement & wedding) and then I was one of Rangefinders Rising Stars that year as well. After the pandemic, things were pretty slow, but once I started utilizing TikTok last year, and had my first really viral video, it kind of took off and got me back to pre-pandemic busy-ness.

2. What is one trade secret you are willing to share with the public?

Doing things differently is the best thing you can do for your business to stand out. If you’re constantly sharing and doing the same exact things as everyone else, it’s all going to blend together and it makes it harder for you to sell yourself to people.

3. How do you stay creative? What are things you do to get inspired?

I love going to museums and watching films. I find most of my inspiration from artwork and movies + old film images. I want my wedding work to look like movie stills, or moments grabbed from a movie so putting on beautiful movies is normally how I find inspiration.

4. When and how did you know you wanted to be an artist?

My Mom was an art teacher so I’ve been surrounded by art my entire life. I ended up going to fashion school at one point (hated it) but I found photography right after I quit. I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life.

5. Who are some notable people that you learned from? What did you learn?

Rosey Red Photography (Ben and Ashley) have been an amazing support system, friends, and people I can chat business with. Ashley has helped me so much when it comes to editing video. I also did a day of mentoring with Joel and Justyna last fall, and that helped me change my perspective on a few things to help get me to the next level. Especially when it comes to the way I present my work. I do try to not learn as much from other photographers though because I don’t want my work to be overly influenced in the end.

6. Do you feel threatened by all the chatter about Artificial Intelligence and imagemaking?

No. Authenticity is still going to be really important to people, even with the abilities of AI improving. I think it’s all about educating our clients on what is, and isn’t possible when it comes to AI. People are always going to generally lean towards the real human connection over AI anyways.

7. What is something that you always have on set? Why?

I try to keep my pack to a single bag that I can carry, but I lately I’ve always had film with me. I love film, and that it feels classic, timeless, and a bit more unchangeable than digital.

8. What is the most under-rated skill in your field? What is the most over-rated?

Being able to read a room and emotions. Recognizing when people are tense and uncomfortable has really elevated my posing. It also allows me to communicate with my clients a bit more when I can see and feel that they may not be confident in what we’re doing. I think using elements like prisms, copper rings, etc are over-rated now. Not saying those images aren’t still beautiful, but they have been done over and over again for years.

9. What is something people in your field should try to avoid?

Not protecting their peace when it comes to booking clients. If you don’t vibe with someone and they are asking you to do things you aren’t sure you’re able to do or it’s outside of the way that you work, then don’t book them. You’ll be so much happier in the long run.

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I never intended to be a wedding photographer, or a photographer for that matter. I didn’t know that it could be a real career choice until I started doing it. I am a destination wedding photographer that travels all over for work. I’ve worked in some of the most beautiful spots in the country (and world) and love every moment of it.

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