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BorrowLenses December Holiday Closures and Important Shipping News

Here are the last possible days to rent gear by and still get your order by the holidays.

Rack full of shipping boxes.

BorrowLenses will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. The VERY last day for standard shipping for your rental to arrive before the holiday is 1PM PST on December 22nd (for Christmas) and December 29th (for New Years). Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are the last days to pick up at our offices (San Carlos, CA and Waltham, MA) before the holiday. Local pickup spots, such as your local camera shop, may have very different hours and may not be receiving BorrowLenses orders for longer than what we’re specifying here.

Holiday Closures for Local Pickup Locations

Always call your local pickup location before placing any BL pickup orders with them during this time of year. See all pickup locations here. Delays in shipping are more common this time of year due to weather and are especially common in 2020 because of COVID. Please consider an earlier rental arrival than what you strictly need to avoid any emergencies.

December Calendar showing BorrowLenses Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures Calendar

Last modified: July 7, 2021