Aerial & Aviation Photography

Explore the Art of Aerial Photography or Capturing Planes in Flight

Aerial photography is the art of capturing your scene from an aircraft or other flying object, such as balloons, blimps, and even rockets, kites, and parachutes. Aviation photography covers both ground-to-air and air-to-air images of planes, helicopters, and jets. Gain inspiration, techniques, and camera gear recommendations from professional shooters.

How to Shoot Aviation Photography

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Photographer Interviews • 3 Comments

Aviation photography is exciting and challenging. With the right gear, knowledge, and skills, even new photographers can produce great...

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Aviation Photography Tips, Plus Using Rentals to Smooth Out a Turbulent Schedule

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Behind the Scenes, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn how I use gear rentals to maximize my time in the air plus learn a little bit about my approach to aviation photography....

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10 Aerial Photography Tips for Great Blue Angels Photos

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Photography

The Blue Angels are some of the most difficult things to capture. These tips will help get you a winning shot of this amazing aerial event....

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