Top Audio Gear and Resources for Filmmakers, Musicians, and Podcasters

Learn more about how to set up a boom mic, choose a frequency, syncing audio to footage, or read reviews on recorders, microphones, and mixers. Audio is an essential part of videography and requires very particular gear depending on your setup, from shotgun mics vs lavaliers to booming vs camera mounting.

Recording Audio for Sit-Down Interviews

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • One Comment

Learn the basics of recording audio for documentary-style sit-down interviews. We'll cover how to use a boompole, proper boom placement,...

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Microphones for Beginners: Mics for Interviews and Events

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 3 Comments

If you're shooting video for a wedding or making your first documentary, then finding the right microphone setup is just as important as...

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Introduction to Portable Audio Recorders

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography

Portable recorders are simple to operate but understanding the workflow will help make editing in post-production easier. Here is a brief...

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The Beginner Videographer’s Guide to Frequency Blocks

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 2 Comments

Wireless mics are an essential part of documentary filmmaking but if you're going to use them you need to get familiar with frequency...

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