Behind the Scenes

Go Behind the Scenes and See How Real Creatives Work

Knowing how to shoot is great but seeing how real photographers and videographers work – including how they break the rules – is essential for creating a unique portfolio of your own.

Social Distance Photography Idea Using Projector and Old TV

Behind the Scenes, Photography • 2 Comments

I did a social distance photography project using a 1987 GE TV and an Epson projector. Go behind the scenes with me to see how it turned...

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How to Live Stream a Performance

Behind the Scenes, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 4 Comments

There are pro tools that help make live streaming simple. With no prior experience, I was able to stream a performance on YouTube. Here's...

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How to Make an Outdoor Adventure Documentary – Behind the Scenes of Visions of the Lost Sierra

Behind the Scenes, Video Editing, Videography • One Comment

Tips on creating a nature documentary, including how to interview subjects in natural light, what gear to use, and other filmmaking tips....

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Advice for Making a Web Series: Behind the Scenes of 18 Grand

Behind the Scenes, Videography

Learn about the techniques used to make a 7-episode web series, including lighting tricks, transforming a space into a set, and working...

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Aviation Photography Tips, Plus Using Rentals to Smooth Out a Turbulent Schedule

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Behind the Scenes, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn how I use gear rentals to maximize my time in the air plus learn a little bit about my approach to aviation photography....

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Best Shooting Locations and Studios for Your Video or Photo Production

Behind the Scenes, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography, Videography

From rooftop terraces to sunlit studios, discover the best shooting locations. These are unique and undiscovered spots for videographers...

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My Experience Shooting a Music Video Using a Ronin-M for the First Time

Behind the Scenes, DJI, Videography • 5 Comments

Head down to Panama with a complete Ronin novice and discover how you can shoot professional-looking footage even if you're brand new to...

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Inspiring Before & After: How 8 Creatives Transformed Empty Shooting Locations

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Videography

These photographers and videographers demonstrate how they make the most of their shooting locations for professional results....

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How to Set Up 3 Popular Interview Lighting Techniques

Behind the Scenes, Lighting • 9 Comments

3-light setups are incredibly common in documentary interviews. Here are some tips on how to get this setup for your own projects....

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How Lens Length Affects Apparent Background Size: An Example Using the Moon

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography

Lens compression. You’ve probably heard that phrase used before, along with “flattening” of an image with a telephoto lens. So what...

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