Reviews and News on Canon Cameras and Lenses

Canon is the leading brand for both pro and consumer camera equipment. With a 30+ year history in the interchangeable-lens digital camera industry, Canon offers probably the widest selection of lenses in the world and is rapidly expanding in the mirrorless market.

5 Important Features About the New Canon 1D X

Canon, Photography • 3 Comments

The Canon 1D X is a pro camera that can finally cover everything. It's fast enough for sports, has a sensor big enough for portraits, and...

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All About the Canon 40mm Pancake Lens

Canon, Photography • 19 Comments

Important things you need to know about the Canon 40mm pancake lens and its Stepping Motor technology....

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Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom: One Fisheye to Rule Them All

Canon, Photography

Covering a unique range and compatible with both full frame and crop frame sensor cameras, the Canon 8-15mm 4L fisheye is an exciting new...

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