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Anamorphic Lenses: What are They and When to Use Them

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Videography • One Comment

Historically, anamorphic lenses have been used almost entirely by cinema filmmakers. But is there room in your kit for an anamorphic lens?...

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Photography vs Cinema Lenses: What New Videographers Need to Know

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Videography • 7 Comments

There are major differences between photography and cinema lenses that beginner videographers must know before starting their film...

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Follow Focus Like a Pro: Intro to Follow Focus Units for New Filmmakers

Cinema Lenses, Videography • 2 Comments

So, you want to try rack focusing with a follow focus unit but you have no idea what any of that means. How do you set them up? How do they...

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Introduction to Lens Adapters

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Photography Lenses, Videography

With the help of certain adapters, you can attach nearly any cinema or photography lens to cameras in a variety of mount types. Here is a...

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