Event Photography

How to Keep Up in the Fast-Paced World of Event Photography

Event photography is extremely versatile. From sporting events to weddings, birthday parties to galas, event photography is both exciting and challenging. You need faster-than-average cameras, ready-for-anything lenses, and a good eye on top of it all. Learn more about what it takes to be an event photographer, from camera settings to recommended lenses, lighting, and more.

Best Lens for Wedding Photography: Top Focal Lengths to Consider

Event Photography, Photography, Photography Lenses, Wedding Photography • 2 Comments

We often get asked “What is the best lens for wedding photography?” There is a lot of pressure on shooters who are just getting...

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21 Destination Wedding Photography Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Event Photography, Photography, Wedding Photography • One Comment

From travel advice to gear safety, follow these tips for a smooth destination wedding shoot. ...

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Tips for How to Photograph Fireworks

Event Photography, Fireworks Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn how to photograph fireworks so that your Fourth of July (or any other fireworks-worthy celebration) is memorable....

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10 Tips for Wedding Photographers and Photography Clients

Event Photography, Photography, Wedding Photography • 5 Comments

10 things clients must think about when shopping for wedding photographers. These tips also give new wedding photographers insight into...

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Tips for Photographing Family Events

Event Photography, Photography • 3 Comments

Here's a list of tips that will help you make images you’re proud to share with your friends and family – images that tell the story of...

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How to Set Up a Video Booth

Event Photography, Videography • 3 Comments

Do something a little different for your next party or event. Many go straight to setting up a photo booth but why not a video booth? Video...

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Photographing Your First Wedding: Tips and Techniques Built to Last

Event Photography, Photography, Wedding Photography • 4 Comments

Here are some things to expect when photographing your first wedding, along with gear that is best suited for creating everlasting...

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Personal Bests of 2015 – Get Inspired and Share Yours

Event Photography, Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Videography • 3 Comments

A year in review reveals improvements in our work – whether we realized it along the way or not. Even the pros take stock of their...

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4th of July Photography Tips for Beginners

Event Photography, Fireworks Photography, Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography

For most photo enthusiasts, 4th of July is more than a holiday - it is a day to practice some challenging shooting situations beyond just...

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How to Choose the Best Gear for Wedding Photography

Event Photography, Photography, Wedding Photography • 7 Comments

We have thousands of items for you to rent but only certain items are ideal for weddings. This list will help you narrow it down to just...

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