Landscape Photography

Perfect Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography sometimes requires specific cameras, lenses, and techniques in order to get an iconic look. Learn about different styles, discover new camera gear to try, and more.

How to Photograph Fall Color

Landscape Photography • 10 Comments

Create photos that reflect your vision and really show off fall color! Here are a few of my tips for getting a stunning fall landscape....

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How to Photograph Lightning: a Safe Guide to Getting the Shot

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

Shooting in a thunderstorm is actually pretty dangerous. But photographers get amazing shots all the time and you want in on the action....

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Remote Nature Photography Tips When Traveling Alone

Landscape Photography

How to travel alone in more remote areas as a nature photographer, including map resources, good emergency supplies, and my favorite photo...

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How to Photograph the Milky Way

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

When and where for shooting the Milky Way in North America as well as a handy tool for getting the right starting exposure every time....

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How to Use Your New Camera

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Street Photography

You just purchased a new camera, or maybe you got one for Christmas. If you are a little overwhelmed by it, here are some tips and...

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Photo Pills Guide for Sky/Night Photography

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography

A complete guide to using Photo Pills for planning and visualizing your landscapes and nightscapes. Learn key features, see specific...

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Break Out of Your Routine: An Interview with Nature Photographer Jim Goldstein

Landscape Photography, Photographer Interviews • One Comment

In this interview, Jim Goldstein breaks down how he expresses his passion for the environment through nature photography and offers advice...

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Favorite Lenses and Lens Focal Lengths for Landscape

Landscape Photography

I've hand-picked my favorite lenses for landscape photography. Find out why I feel these focal lengths produce the best and most creative...

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A Guide to Filming and Photography Permits for the National Park System

Landscape Photography, National Parks Photography, Photography, Wildlife Photography • 4 Comments

What you need to know about getting a permit to shoot in National Parks. Plus, discover special use permits that give you amazing access to...

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Camera Settings for Amazing Sunrise and Sunset Landscapes

Landscape Photography • 3 Comments

A compelling sunrise/sunset photo is not as simple as pointing your camera at the horizon. Here is what you need to know to photograph...

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