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Best Wireless Lighting for Photo, Video, and Streaming

Lighting • One Comment

The best high-powered, wireless lighting kits with long-lasting batteries designed for photo, video, streaming, video conferencing, and...

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What is Golden Hour and How to Photograph It

Lighting • 12 Comments

You may have heard about golden hour photography, but what is it? Find out when golden hour starts and ends and learn how best to capture...

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8 Portrait Lighting Setups Every Photographer Should Know

Lighting, Photography, Portrait Photography • 16 Comments

The key to great portrait photography is understanding portrait lighting. In this post, we introduce the basics of manipulating studio...

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Product Photography Lighting and Best Practices

Lighting, Photography, Product Photography • 13 Comments

Understand the basic of product photography lighting, plus best practices that will hone your craft for photos of products customers will...

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How to Set Up 3 Popular Interview Lighting Techniques

Behind the Scenes, Lighting • 9 Comments

3-light setups are incredibly common in documentary interviews. Here are some tips on how to get this setup for your own projects....

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Custom White Balance and Color Matching for Video

Lighting, Videography

Setting color temperature in a camera is easy but often overlooked. Learn more about white balance for DSLR videographers and...

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Tips for Shooting Backlit Portraits


Correctly taking advantage of a backlit situation has the potential to unlock eye-catching images with its inherent atmospheric and...

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The Sun: A Photographer’s Ultimate Lighting Source

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Lighting

We all know that without light there isn’t going to be a photograph. There are many different qualities of light and different directions...

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Long Exposure Portraiture and Color Gels

Lighting • 3 Comments

Beauty photographer Daryna Barynka shares her lighting setup and settings to produce unique, long exposure portraits with gels and glitter....

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5 Photography Techniques for Better Kid Portraits


See how easily you can get memorable kid portraits with these 5 shooting techniques for beginners and seasoned shooters alike!...

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