Photo & Video Business Tips

Important Photography Business Tips

Gain inspiration and knowledge from fellow shooters on how to make a career – or a successful moonlighting business – as a photographer and/or videographer. From senior portraits to weddings, magazine ads, TV commercials, and more, the imaging industry is full of creative possibilities.

Why All Photographers and Videographers Should Rent Gear

Photo & Video Business Tips • One Comment

As a successful photographer and business owner, I can think of 5 good reasons why you should rent gear. You do not have to own everything...

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How to Photograph Lightning: a Safe Guide to Getting the Shot

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

Shooting in a thunderstorm is actually pretty dangerous. But photographers get amazing shots all the time and you want in on the action....

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Photography Pricing Guide – How Much Should You Charge?

Photo & Video Business Tips

Photography pricing is one of the more uncomfortable topics for artists. Let these 5 major tips help you find the right prices for your...

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How to Shoot Real Estate Video

Photo & Video Business Tips, Videography • One Comment

In this how-to video, we provide ideas to help you create engaging, impactful real estate video content that will make clients happy....

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Best Shooting Locations and Studios for Your Video or Photo Production

Behind the Scenes, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography, Videography

From rooftop terraces to sunlit studios, discover the best shooting locations. These are unique and undiscovered spots for videographers...

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What You Need to Start Shooting Tethered

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • One Comment

An introduction to tethered shooting from Tether Tools, who make high-speed tethering cables that are the choice of professional...

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20 Best Photography Apps for iOS and Android

Night Photography, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography, Photography Editing • 18 Comments

Here are 20 highly-recommended and versatile photography apps for both iOS and Android users. Take your mobile shooting to the next level. ...

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Creating and Publishing Your First Photography Book

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • 12 Comments

After 10 years of shooting, I decided to self-publish a limited edition photography book. This is highly recommended for anyone looking to...

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Small Business Start Up & Tax Tips for Photographers and Videographers

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

Get a jump start on the impending tax season! If you are considering taking your photography/videography to the next level and becoming a...

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Keeping Your Photos Safe in the Real World

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • 4 Comments

SmugMug’s huge family of photo lovers spans the spectrum, from family historians to high-volume, full-time pro photographers. But no...

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