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Important Photography Business Tips

Gain inspiration and knowledge from fellow shooters on how to make a career – or a successful moonlighting business – as a photographer and/or videographer. From senior portraits to weddings, magazine ads, TV commercials, and more, the imaging industry is full of creative possibilities.

Establish Your Brand: An Interview with Creative Marketing Strategist Lawrence Chan

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photographer Interviews

Content marketing is not confined to only portfolio work. Lawrence Chan discusses how creatives can make the most of their presence online....

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Three Key Methods For Backing Up Your Photographs

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • 6 Comments

Zach Egolf is an IT professional and freelance photographer in the Baltimore area. In this guest post, he explains three methods for...

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Behind the Scenes Crossfit Shoot with Photographer Ian Coble

Behind the Scenes, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

If you like photographing athletes, here is a little inspiration for you from Ian Coble. “Every once in a while I like to put...

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5 Great Articles on Tax Preparation for Photographers

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

Happy Tax Day, everyone! Okay, so Tax Day isn’t a very celebratory affair but if you are thinking about filing for your photography...

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Gear Doesn’t Matter – Except When It Does

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • 19 Comments

It's controversial to say that gear matters in photography – people always say it's about the artist. But hear me out on this. Sometimes...

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How to Copyright Your Images

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • One Comment

All about how to copyright your photography. Learn about what happens when you don't take this important step....

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