Camera Settings

Getting to Really Know How Your Camera Works

Learn more about the settings on your DSLR or mirrorless camera to get the most out of your photography. Gain a better understanding of the Exposure Triangle and the differences between Shutter Speed, F-Stop, and ISO. Discover hidden camera settings and special shooting techniques.

What are Raw Files? How to Open and Use Them

Camera Settings, Photography, Photography Editing • 2 Comments

Raw files contain the most complete, uncompressed image data but in a form that is not directly usable and must be processed. Here is a...

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What is TTL Flash? | TTL vs. Manual Flash

Camera Settings, Photography • One Comment

TTL stands for “Through The Lens” and is a metering system that controls the power of the flash based on exposure settings....

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F-Stop Chart | Understanding Aperture

Camera Settings, Photography • 3 Comments

An f-stop is a measurement of the aperture opening. This f-stop chart helps you understand them and determine how to choose the right one....

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Important Camera Settings: A Guide for New Photographers

Camera Settings • One Comment

Learn how to set up the diopter, focusing areas, metering modes and more on your camera so you're prepared to take the perfect shot....

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Using Your Histogram to Make Better Photos

Camera Settings, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn what histograms are, how they are used in photography, where to find them in your camera, and how to edit using them....

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The Exposure Triangle Explained for Beginners

Camera Settings, Photography

Learning the exposure triangle – the 3 main settings of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed – will put you on the path toward creating...

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Understanding the Reciprocal Rule in Photography to Take Better Photos

Camera Settings, Photography

Discover what the reciprocal rule is, how to use it when determining your shutter speed, and how it is affected by IS, sensor size, and...

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What is Lens Flare? When and When Not to Use It

Camera Settings, Photography, Photography Editing

Learn what lens flare means, how to avoid it or use it to your advantage in photography....

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Mastering Long Exposure Photography

Camera Settings, Photography

Here are tips to get you started with long exposure photography, which is an essential skill for beginners to master. It gives you creative...

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Camera Settings For a Solar Eclipse: What You Need to Know

Camera Settings, Landscape Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

With how quickly the eclipse comes and goes, you should prepare far in advance by learning some key camera settings, researching what gear...

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