Camera Settings

Getting to Really Know How Your Camera Works

Learn more about the settings on your DSLR or mirrorless camera to get the most out of your photography. Gain a better understanding of the Exposure Triangle and the differences between Shutter Speed, F-Stop, and ISO. Discover hidden camera settings and special shooting techniques.

15 Overlooked Camera Settings for Any Photographer

Camera Settings, Photography • 5 Comments

Whether you just bought your first camera or you’re looking to improve your photography skills, the first step is learning how to take...

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Summer Photography Tutorials and Ideas

Camera Settings, Photography

In celebration of the summer solstice, here are a few summer photography tutorials to brighten your morning and get you motivated to enjoy...

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What is Aperture in Photography?

Camera Settings, Photography • One Comment

Aperture is the opening of your lens that light travels through to hit the camera sensor. Let’s discuss the aperture setting and how it...

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How to Handle Your Camera’s Metering in Snow

Camera Settings, Photography • 6 Comments

When we photograph snow, we need to pay closer attention to the light meters in our cameras. While all manufacturers have different terms...

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Memory Card Basics: Choosing the Right Memory Card for Video and Time-Lapse

4K Cameras, Camera Settings, Time Lapse Photography, Videography • 6 Comments

Choosing the right memory card for a DSLR video or time-lapse project is a critical decision. Memory cards have three fundamental...

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Introduction to Full Frame vs Crop Frame Sensors Plus Great Sensor Comparison Resources

Camera Settings, Photography • 3 Comments

Full frame, crop frame, APS-C, crop factor – if you've heard these terms and were left puzzled, here is a quick primer on everything you...

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3 Beginner Photography Goals for the New Year

Camera Settings, Photography • 8 Comments

Move beyond mediocre in the new year with 3 important settings beginners often overlook. Get started today practicing these key things for...

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Shutter Speed Chart and Tips on How to Master It

Camera Settings, Photography • 40 Comments

In photography, light is controlled by the “exposure triangle”, which is made up of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. These three...

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How Crop Sensors Affect Depth of Field

Camera Settings, Photography • 7 Comments

Images from different-sized sensors can appear radically different even when using the same settings, especially when it comes to bokeh....

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How to Show Artistic Motion in Still Photography

Camera Settings, Photography • One Comment

The word "photography" is almost synonymous with the word "still". Photographers take stills. Videographers capture motion. This may be a...

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