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Best Lens for Wedding Photography: Top Focal Lengths to Consider

Event Photography, Photography, Photography Lenses, Wedding Photography • 2 Comments

We often get asked “What is the best lens for wedding photography?” There is a lot of pressure on shooters who are just getting...

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8 Best Lenses for Sony a7 III in 2021

Photography, Photography Lenses, Sony

Learn how to choose the best lenses for your Sony a7 III based on your photography style, needs, and preferences....

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Guide to Choosing the Best Wide Angle Lens in 2021

Photography, Photography Lenses • One Comment

Learn about what a wide angle lens is, its benefits, and the best wide angle lens options for your photography needs....

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9 Best Lenses for Astrophotography in 2021

Night Photography, Photography Lenses • 8 Comments

By turning your lens to the night sky, you can capture images of unparalleled beauty. With the right techniques, equipment, and processing,...

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8 Best Zoom Lens for Canon in 2019

Canon, Photography, Photography Lenses • One Comment

Choosing the best zoom lens for Canon can be overwhelming. Here, we narrow it down for you so that you choose the right lens for your style...

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A Guide to Understanding Focal Length: Camera Zoom & Lenses

Photography, Photography Lenses

By learning how to choose your focal length, you can take a more mindful approach to photography and achieve the perfect shot. ...

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Choosing a Focal Length and How Primes Can Improve Your Photography

Photography, Photography Lenses • 3 Comments

A great way to expand creativity is through restriction. Using only a prime lens on a shoot, I learned why 35mm is among the best focal...

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Camera Lens Guide: How to Find the Perfect Lens

Photography, Photography Lenses • 5 Comments

A camera lens is essential to taking sharp high-quality photos. Use our in-depth camera lens guide to find the best lens for you and your...

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Rectilinear and Fisheye Wide Angle Lenses Explained

Photography, Photography Lenses • 2 Comments

What's the difference between rectilinear and curvilinear wide angle lens? We'll explore why you should use a wide angle lens with your...

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What is a Telephoto Lens and Why Should I Use One?

Photography, Photography Lenses • 10 Comments

A good telephoto lens can help you take your photography to the next level. Here are some of the reasons photographers love telephoto...

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