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Top Product Photography Tips and Techniques

Explore the versatile world of product photography. Learn about the cameras, lenses, and techniques needed for successful product shots, copy work, still life photography, commercial assignments, and more.

19 Food Photography Tips to Master Mouth-Watering Shots

Photography, Product Photography • 3 Comments

Pair our list of food photography tips with the appropriate camera and lens to capture a mouth-watering shot, every time....

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Product Photography Lighting and Best Practices

Lighting, Photography, Product Photography • 13 Comments

Understand the basic of product photography lighting, plus best practices that will hone your craft for photos of products customers will...

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Product Photography – The Basics

Photography, Product Photography • One Comment

Product and fashion photographer June Kim has a tailor-made way about crafting images for her clients. Here, she outlines her workflow for...

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Photographing Your Dinner: Restaurant Dos and Don’ts

Event Photography, Photography, Product Photography • 2 Comments

Are you a food-for-pleasure type of person?  If the answer is yes, then I can say with confidence that we may all be guilty of snapping a...

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