Underwater Video and Photography

Learn all About Underwater Camera and Lens Housing Units

Many modern digital cameras are weather resistant but seldom weatherproof and rarer still are they waterproof. But you can make nearly any system an underwater one with housing units for bodies and lenses! From underwater fashion shoots to simply capturing the underwater world while snorkeling, camera and lens houses will protect your gear without hindering creativity.

Ultimate AquaTech Underwater Compatibility Guide for Camera and Lens Rentals

Photography, Underwater Video and Photography, Videography • 2 Comments

Underwater housings for cameras, lenses, and flashes allow you to shoot photos and video up to 33' underwater. So whether you're doing...

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Landscape Photography Workflow: Camera Settings and Problem Solving for Tide Pools

Photography, Underwater Video and Photography

When shooting into pools of water, you sometimes run across problems with sharpness in your images. Here are a couple of ways to combat...

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Underwater Shooting Basics: Setting Up and Testing AquaTech Housings

Photography, Underwater Video and Photography, Videography • One Comment

Underwater photography requires a new approach on almost all levels. Get started with this essential guide, from how to use housings,...

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How to Shoot Underwater Portrait Photography

Photography, Underwater Video and Photography, Videography • 2 Comments

Making images underwater is a totally new world for creativity and expression. However, shooting in the water takes a unique degree of...

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