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Diffraction and Focus Stacking Tutorial for Photoshop CS6

Adventure photo journalist Jay Goodrich highlights how he overcomes diffraction issues with today’s digital cameras and lenses by stacking multiple focal point images in Adobe Photoshop CS6 via Adobe Lightroom 4.

Focus stacking, also known as focal plane merging or focus blending, is the process of combining multiple images taken at different focus distances. This is how many photographers are able to get entire subjects in focus even if the depth of field is very shallow. It is very popular in macro photography but it can also be very helpful for landscape photographers. Watch my tutorial below to see how I was able to get my entire scene in focus when normally I’d be experiencing blur due to diffraction, which often occurs in lenses after a certain f-stop is reached.

This is Episode 1 of my In the Office series of photography tutorials. See more of my work here and stay tuned for more great videos from my here on the BorrowLenses blog! Click here to see Episode 2.

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