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Elephant Discovers GoPro During Piper Mackay Photographic Safari

Piper Mackay is a world, wildlife, and cultural photographer based in Long Beach, California. Her work is heavily concentrated on the African continent. On one of her recent photographic safaris, Piper and team had an unexpected encounter with an elephant, who approached and poked at a GoPro recording the action from the ground (pictures and a short video below).

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“On a recent trip to Namibia, we were blessed with the rare sighting of the desert elephants crossing the desert with dramatic landscapes.  I had rented a couple of GoPros from Borrowlenses to grab some dynamic footage for a big project I am working on in 2014.”

“We were actually on our way to check out a campsite when our guide spotted the elephants in the distance.  We could not believe our luck! We lined up our vehicles, grabbed our gear, jumped out and waited. Once they passed we raced to get repositioned. One of us hopped out and got the GoPro down just in time. We never thought the elephant would come right up to the camera and then knock it over with her trunk! She looked at us like she was saying, “Next time I will crush it!”  When her companion followed right behind her, we all held our breath as we were sure he was going to crush it.  It was a close call but successful!”

Here is a short video of what the nearly-crushed GoPro captured.

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Special thanks to Piper Mackay Photography for sharing these images with our audience!

Last modified: July 7, 2021