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Gear Up for Changing Colors

Capture fall color this season! Our fall gear rental sale is happening now through October 6th. Plus enjoy 3 awesome fall photography tutorials.

Fall sale banner showing camera gear on table

Chase the changing fall colors with the very best gear.
Plan for your fall adventure now while the colors last and save!
Save 10% on all rentals or get 20% off on rental orders that are $500 or more.

Use code: PEAKPREP

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Discount code PEAKPREP is for 10% off rentals up to $499.99, and 20% off rentals $500.00 and above, and expires 10/06/2019, 11:59 PM PT. Rental orders must be delivered or picked up on/by 10/11/2019. Discount code PEAKPREP only applies to rental duration cost and is not eligible for order extensions, with/on For Sale items, Aquatech products, or BL Memberships. Offer cannot be combined with other discount codes or be stacked.

Top Fall Color Photography Tutorials

Tranquil Tempest Fall Photograph by David Kingham

© David Kingham

The Most Effective Ways to Show Fall Color in Photography by David Kingham

David Kingham is a nature photographer and leader of photo tours at Exploring Exposure. In this tutorial, he discusses how to maximize color in post processing, use creative panning for landscapes, and why you might want to explore using lenses other than wide angle for your fall landscapes.

Fall Foliage Through a Foggy Landscape

© Jay Goodrich

How to Photograph Fog for Unique Landscape Photography by Jay Goodrich

Jay Goodrich is a professional photographer and author living in Jackson, Wyoming. In this tutorial, he discusses the unique lighting situation you’re faced with on a foggy day and how to best approach it, including how to properly read your camera’s meter.

Image of Capitol Peak in the Fall

Autumn landscape of Capitol Peak at 14,000′.

Top 5 Hikeable Peaks Photographers Will Love by Scott Moses

Scott Moses runs the outdoor site Live Once Live Wild, where you can find valuable information about National Parks and unique locations. Discover a few of the best, hikeable locations for fall landscapes.


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