The Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens is Ready for Your Next Video Shoot

We have a new cine lens for rent – the FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS. It’s ideal for both the Sony FS7 and the Sony a7S but will mount on any E mount camera. It is ideal for run-and-gun style shooting, documentary filmmaking, and any other cinematic use where portability is important. Here are some features that really stand out about this lens and why should you shoot with it.Details1

  • Focal Length: 28 – 135mm. Versatile range that prevents you from having to change lenses.
  • Maximum Aperture: f/4. Fast enough for most low-light and out-of-focus needs.
  • Designed for full frame Sony E mount cameras. Pair this with Sony’s a7 line.
  • Compatible with crop sensor E Mount cameras. Pair this with the FS700, FS7, or any E mount camera.
  • 1.31′ Minimum Focusing Distance. Relatively close range for a lens reaching up to 135mm.
  • Auto Focus with Manual Focus Override. Fine-tune your focusing without using an AF/MF switch.
  • Image Stabilization (Optical SteadyShot, or OSS). Allows you to gain more stops without sacrificing sharpness when shooting at lower shutter speeds.
  • Super Sonic wave Motor. Silent autofocusing – essential for video.

28-135_BL_AlexHuff-12The FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS is light weight and partially manufactured with polycarbonate, making this lens more impact resistant and also better protected from the sun. It also helps save on weight. You can select between clicked and de-clicked aperture for ultimate control. Having a de-clicked aperture makes it great for run-and-gun shooting and adjusting exposure mid-take like when there is a major shift in exposure walking from indoor to outdoor lighting. 28-135_BL_AlexHuff-13This lens was designed side-by-side with the FS7, which boasts internal firmware to correct for aberrations, making this lens look crystal clear on that particular camera. However, it was built with use with the Sony a7S in mind. The fact that it’s an OSS lens with an electronic built-in zoom rocker makes it perfect as an ENG documentary style lens. Be sure to check out some of our ENG-friendly recorders. On the FS7 you can have it set to auto aperture and focus while using the camera’s handle to control the zoom via the zoom rocker – an ergonomic solution. 28-135_BL_AlexHuff-1This lens also pairs really well with the a7S. The lens fits industry standard matte boxes but isn’t nearly as front-heavy on the diminutive a7 as traditional cine lenses. 28-135_BL_AlexHuff-2The toothy focus ring is ready for use with a follow focus unit. The lens is weather-sealed and only 2 lbs – hefty compared to standard FE lenses but fairly svelte for the cinema world. 28-135_BL_AlexHuff-3Note also that this lens has a motorized zoom. Sony is quick to point out that this is the world’s first 35mm full frame interchangeable power zoom lens. A rectangular hood is included in your rental.28-135_BL_AlexHuff-10This lens is ideal for HD and 4K movie making including documentary work, narrative filmmaking, and event shooting. When coupled with the FS7 you will benefit from a continuous high speed frame rate of up to 180 FPS and external RAW recording capabilities. 28-135_BL_AlexHuff-9Rent this lens from Need more supplies for your next video shoot? Here are 10 of our more recent and exciting video items to explore:

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Cortigiano is a food, lifestyle, and event photographer with a contemporary aesthetic. She received an undergraduate degree in photography at Drexel University and has gone on to work as a freelance photographer and teaching artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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