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Baffled by camera settings? Learn more about shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, minimum focusing distances, and more.


What are Raw Files? How to Open and Use Them

Camera Settings, Photography, Photography Editing • 2 Comments

Raw files contain the most complete, uncompressed image data but in a form that is not directly usable and must be processed. Here is a...

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What is TTL Flash? | TTL vs. Manual Flash

Camera Settings, Photography • One Comment

TTL stands for “Through The Lens” and is a metering system that controls the power of the flash based on exposure settings....

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F-Stop Chart | Understanding Aperture

Camera Settings, Photography • 3 Comments

An f-stop is a measurement of the aperture opening. This f-stop chart helps you understand them and determine how to choose the right one....

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Important Camera Settings: A Guide for New Photographers

Camera Settings • One Comment

Learn how to set up the diopter, focusing areas, metering modes and more on your camera so you're prepared to take the perfect shot....

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Using Your Histogram to Make Better Photos

Camera Settings, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn what histograms are, how they are used in photography, where to find them in your camera, and how to edit using them....

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Understanding the Reciprocal Rule in Photography to Take Better Photos

Camera Settings, Photography

Discover what the reciprocal rule is, how to use it when determining your shutter speed, and how it is affected by IS, sensor size, and...

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15 Overlooked Camera Settings for Any Photographer

Camera Settings, Photography • 5 Comments

Whether you just bought your first camera or you’re looking to improve your photography skills, the first step is learning how to take...

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3 Beginner Photography Goals for the New Year

Camera Settings, Photography • 8 Comments

Move beyond mediocre in the new year with 3 important settings beginners often overlook. Get started today practicing these key things for...

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All About Autofocus: Focus Area vs Focus Mode for Beginners

Camera Settings, Photography

Do you ever wonder why you're not nailing focus despite being told that your camera and lens are both fast and sharp enough for the job? It...

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47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Camera Settings, Photography • 88 Comments

Explore this list of photography rules for brand new photographers. While rules are meant to be broken, they provide a solid framework for...

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