Crane 3 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Now Available to Rent

The Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3 LAB Gimbal is the latest flagship support system in Zhiyun’s esteemed lineup of handheld stabilizers. It improves upon the Zhiyun-Tech Crane 2 Gimbal in payload, increased torque, decreased noise, the addition of wireless full HD transmission, and an expansion in overall compatibility. Also available now is the Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller, a small, toothless follow focus unit for easier zoom or focus control.

New Design Details from Zhiyun-Tech’s Crane 3

The traditional single-handle design of handheld gimbals has been reinterpreted by Zhiyun-Tech. It has a new support handle extending from the back and a shortened main handle for easier low-angle shooting. Switching from upright to underslung now just takes a small change in hand position while also giving you the option for two-handed operation.

This rear support handle, inspired by the control sticks found in cockpits, sports an updated control panel with a bright OLED display along with a gimbal joystick. The front of the support handle features a zoom rocker and iris control dial while further down the main handle is a built-in focus dial. Simultaneous zoom and focus is supported with nearly all cameras with the optional TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Follow Controller or Lite Controller. Zhiyun-Tech has given the traditional handheld gimbal look a new, unique L-shaped overall design.

The longer axis and higher payload allows you to use larger cameras than with the Crane 2. Despite this, the Crane 3 can still be folded down into a very portable size. The motors have been reworked to be about 50% quieter than prior models with a huge increase in torque along with a much speedier response time. Another new build detail is the Crafted Latch Design, which provides three separately locking latches for each axis to help make balancing easier. The mini-tripod is removable for attaching the Crane 3 to a tripod or other support rig. Lastly for build features, the joystick has been redesigned to be more tactile and much easier to find and use.

Wireless Full HD Transmission

Monitor real-time footage directly on your smartphone with the built-in wireless transmitter. Remote operation is supported thanks to the ViaTouch Control System that’s built into the ZY Play app, allowing for advanced features like follow focusing and object tracking. The image transmission box is located discreetly beneath the camera plate and offers a Mini HDMI port. This is the only gimbal of its class to provide real-time, integrated 1080p image transmission. Included with your rental is the TransMount Phone Holder so that you can easily take advantage of this feature and use your own smartphone as an external monitor.

The image transmission box is located discreetly beneath the camera plate and offers a Mini HDMI port.

Expanded Built-In Functions

Mimicking the Sports mode of the Ronin-S, the Crane 3 is equipped with a PhoneGo mode that activates maximum follow speed for fast subjects. Vortex Mode will tilt the camera up 90°. Also available with the Crane 3 are popular automated features like time-lapse, motion-lapse, long exposure time-lapse, and panorama. Motor torque can be adjusted to suit your camera/lens combination needs. Additionally, enjoy all the traditional modes familiar to users of prior models: Pan Following Mode, Locking Mode, POV Mode, and Following Mode.


The Crane 3 is one of the most unique handheld portable gimbal systems around. It is ideal for videographers who need a feature-rich and versatile rig that is still travel-friendly. Rent it with the Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller for under $100 a week! Stay tuned for a comparison of the Crane 3 and the very popular Ronin-S.

Tom Anello is Boston-based and has a background in both product and portrait photography. He came to Boston for music school and landed heavily in the world of photography after spending time with commercial product photographer Eric Kulin. Presently, he is BorrowLenses’ Social Media Specialist and produces photo content for the BorrowLenses Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Outside of the office, he is an avid film photographer with a focus in portraiture.


  • Alexandria Huff

    When using their external zoom motor, it gets the job done. It’s usable but hard to be precise. If you’re using it as a quick, hands-off way to set your focal length before a shot, it’s perfect. But if you’re using it to zoom mid-shot, it is hard to execute.

  • Carl


    Question about the Crane 3. Can you talk about your experience with the zoom servo controls?

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