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How to Shoot Real Estate Video

In this how-to video, we provide ideas to help you create engaging, impactful real estate video content that will make clients happy.

Two cameras on fluid heads with out of focus living room

Over the last few months, we’ve seen industries lean into content creation as a way to replace traditional in-person experiences. One of those industries is real estate. With fewer people able (or willing) to check out a house in-person, the photos and videos representing a property need to make a much bigger impact. Clients are already embracing virtual tours and real estate videos – as long as they’re useful and engaging.

How to Capture Engaging Real Estate Video Footage

Video content in the real estate world is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. While professional photography has been the gold standard for real estate, and 3D tours are becoming increasingly popular, video has struggled to find a consistent foothold in the industry. In this how-to video, we get industry-specific by providing ideas to help you create engaging, impactful real estate content that will make clients happy.

In just under nine minutes, we’ll cover the entire process of real estate video production; from concept, camera and wide angle lens selection, to lighting, shooting, and editing so you can start creating work that makes an impact.

Whether you’re an agent looking to make a listing stand out from the rest, a video pro who wants to mix up your portfolio, or a real estate photographer who wants to offer a new service, think about these tips as you get into real estate video production.

Recommended Gear for Real Estate

A wide angle lens is a must but you don’t need to go too wide or else you risk getting room distortion. Stick to anything that’s around 16mm and you should be golden. As for cameras, any system that gives you the flexibility to record at least HD video with ease will suffice. It’s best to choose a system you’re comfortable with and can wield with skill, rather than just buying/renting whatever is considered top-of-its-class. Here are some support items that can make your real estate video shoot go more smoothly:


This portable gimbal is beginner-friendly, with a joystick for quick control and a re-center button to quickly go back to default position when things go awry. It has a long-lasting battery and is ideal for single-handed operation of smaller mirrorless cameras and non-zoom lenses. This item will allow you to essentially float from room-to-room, giving your motion shots a polished look.

Aputure Light Storm C120d II LED Kit with Aputure Lantern Softbox

Powered off wall power or go wireless via an optional broadcast-style battery, this bright and powerful continuous light source produces natural looking light for those dark, windowless rooms and basements. The lantern-style softbox produces extremely even light thanks to its awesome 270° beam angle.

Manfrotto 546GB Tripod with 504HD Head and Dolly Wheels

Maintain stability without sacrificing professional-looking movement in your footage. This tripod comes with a fluid head and pan bar and the entire thing can be placed on a dolly. If you’re not up for a gimbal  – or your camera setup is simply too big to pair with gimbals easily  – this is the kit for you.

Inovativ Voyager 36 NXT Equipment Cart

Keep your gear off the floors with this handy cart with big, cushioned wheels. This reduces risk of gear scratching the floors or being left behind in different rooms and accidentally getting into the frame.

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